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CMA | December's Content

Winter is upon us! As part of my Artist-Educator Residency at The Children's Museum of the Arts, I make a weekly piece of original children's content (ie. a printable activity, a video tutorial, a game) for "The Look Make Show," the museum's digital platform. I'll be sharing a round-up of my content here each month, and it can also be accessed under the "Kids' Content" tab of my website. I decided to theme my content for this month "CONNECT."

Here's what I made.

(If you'd like to use any of this content in educational or entertainment settings,

please email me at

For my first two pieces of content, I thought about two winter activities that bring

people together: building snowmen and decorating for the holidays (depending on your denomination). I first made this printable collage kit full of carrots, buttons, sticks

and other adornments for a snowman collage.

Next I made this printable drawing activity. I thought that connecting lines to form

patterns and other designs was thematically appropriate as well.

Screenshot from presentation

Screenshot from presentation

Then, I hosted a live studio tour and collage workshop for children via Zoom. I took them around my studio, showed them some of my artwork, and made a collage on camera while I answered their questions about art. They also made ADORABLE collages along with me (some screenshots attached). One fellow even made a collage in a jar of sparkly water!

Screenshot of my live collage demo

Screenshot of a child's collage

Screenshot of a child's collage

Screenshot of a child's collage (in a jar of water!)

Screenshot of a child's collage

For that studio visit, I had also prepared a printable collage kit of some of my fun paper scraps for children to use, in case they didn't have their own collage materials. I shared this with parents at the beginning of the meeting, and most did end up using it.

Disclaimer: I am expressing only my personal opinions that have not been reviewed by,

are not endorsed by, and do not represent the opinion or viewpoints of the Children's Museum of the Arts.


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