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CMA | November's Content

Happy Fall! As part of my Artist-Educator Residency at The Children's Museum of the Arts, I make a weekly piece of original children's content (ie. a printable activity, a video tutorial, a game) for "The Look Make Show," the museum's digital platform. I'll be sharing a round-up of my content here each month, and it can also be accessed under the "Kids' Content" tab of my website. I themed my content for this month "GATHER." Here's what I made.

(If you'd like to use any of this content in educational or entertainment settings,

please ask me first at

First, I made a printable guide for drawing on leaves. I encountered an abundance of leaves on my walks to the bus stop this month, so they ended up being incorporated into most of my projects. For a printable PDF of this guide, please email me at

Next, I made this video tutorial on a project I call "Scavenger Hunt Rainbows," which involves collecting materials and organizing them by color in a collage. I found it important to use the natural materials of the season this month. Because the intended audience for The Look Make Show is children at home, I plan projects with accessible materials as often as possible.

Next, I made this printable Fall sticker pack of my own collage illustrations. For a printable PDF, please email me at

And finally, I made this video tutorial for what I'm calling "Nature Journals," simple folded booklets that allow children to accurately document leaves, bark and other natural materials. I'm really proud of this project idea. It's meditative and simple while also allowing kids to pick up some observational painting skills.

Disclaimer: I am expressing only my personal opinions that have not been reviewed by,

are not endorsed by, and do not represent the opinion or viewpoints of the Children's Museum of the Arts.


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