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CMA | October's Content

Howdy folks. As part of my Artist-Educator Residency at The Children's Museum of the Arts, I'll be making a weekly piece of content (ie. a printable pdf, a video tutorial, a piece of writing) for "The Look Make Show," the museum's digital platform. I'll be sharing a round-up of my content here each month for you to see, and it can also be accessed under the "Kids' Content" tab of my website. This month's theme was, obviously, HALLOWEEN! Here's what I made. If you'd like to use any of this content in educational or entertainment settings, please ask me first at

My first idea was to make project tutorials from the perspective of beloved Halloween monsters. I began with this bubble printing tutorial from the perspective of a witch. We got super busy this month with community events (more on that later), so I was only able to make two of this style of video. But I have a million ideas and would love to pick it up again in the future. This was my first-ever solo video and it was filmed on my iPhone because we didn't have cameras yet, so the production quality will only improve from here.

We were on a super-duper time crunch in week two, so we were asked to make a quick printable activity. I thought of the phrase "Which Witch?" and thought it'd be perfect for a maze. Email me for a printable PDF of this maze.

For week three, I made a printable collage kit of monster parts — partially from found imagery and partially illustrated by me. I'm a collage artist and love the medium, so I think this will be an ongoing series from me. I would love to see what kids do with it! For a printable PDF, please email me at

For the fourth and final week of October, I made this invisible ink tutorial from the perspective of The Invisible Man. The video is made by me and narrated by my partner Ed. I think you can tell we had a lot of fun with it.

Overall, I'm super proud of this month's accomplishments and feel there's already been a vast improvement in production quality. Check back next month for more updates!

Disclaimer: I am expressing only my personal opinions that have not been reviewed by,

are not endorsed by, and do not represent the opinion or viewpoints of the Children's Museum of the Arts.

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