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Teaching | Collagraphs

In the final project of the semester, my high school students at The Saturday Program made collagraphs using materials they had on hand. If you're not familiar with the process, you take a print (a rubbing, in this case) from a collage you've made with slightly raised textures (like bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, or even collaged paper). This was a two-week project. In the first week, students made their own printing plates using medical masks, cardboard, cut paper, glue-coated string and other materials. Then, in the second week, they made rubbings from those plates. The beauty of this technique is that you can make endless versions of your prints, which some of my students definitely took advantage of! You can see some of their outstanding final projects below, and read more about my curriculum for The Saturday Program here:

Wow indeed.

This one, which draws from Eastern landscape paintings and relief prints, was made in response to the AAPI hate crimes happening at the time.

This student didn't get to finish, but was definitely onto something with the glue and string technique!

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