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Teaching | Eraser Stamping

For week four of the remote Drawing class I taught at The Saturday Program this year, students made stamps using erasers and oil pastels. This course was conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic, and I taught a series of new drawing techniques students could try with tools we sent in art packages. Although in the past I've done ambitious figurative art projects with my students (large-scale self-portraits, still lives, etc.), I decided that a more low-pressure, experimental approach was better-suited to the circumstances of this year. You can read more about my SatPro curriculum here:

For this project, we looked at the artist Julio le Parc (in particular, the way he uses a single repeating shape to make exciting sequences) and an ongoing comic by Cécile McLorin Salvant called "The Adventures of the Invisible Woman" in which she uses a simple, shapely character design across several panels to chronicle her dating experiences as a Black woman. Students were encouraged to explore the idea of sequencing with their stamps, following the more formal approach of le Parc, or the narrative approach of Salvant. You can view some of their impressive work below!


Julio le Parc, Three Segments in Translation (1959)

Julio le Parc, Rotations (1959)

CeCécile McLorin Salvant, The Adventures of the Invisible Woman

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