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Teaching | Gravity Paintings Inspired by Cy Twombly

In the third week of my Olympics-themed art curriculum for The Boys' Club of New York, boys explored mark-making with paint inspired by the artists Cy Twombly and Jack Whitten. For this project, we looked at the gestural, drippy paintings of Cy Twombly. Then, boys made "gravity paintings" inspired by the artwork. This was done by placing a drop of paint in the center of a sheet of paper with a pipet, then tilting the paper in different directions to guide the paint where they wanted it to go. The process can be demonstrated more clearly in the photos below! They had a lot of fun identifying things in the shapes of paint, like one does with clouds. They saw faces and animals, and one boy actually recognized a word in Chinese.

You can read more about my summer curriculum for The Boys' Club here:

This is a messy but fun process. You can see some of the results from ages elementary through high school below.

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