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Teaching | Second Life for Unwanted Artwork

We're wrapping up our summer programming at The Boys' Club this year, which means that I have piles of unnamed and unclaimed artwork headed for the trash can. Instead of throwing it all away or hoarding it myself, I thought of some fun ways to give it a second life. First, I had boys cut recycled artworks into strips for paper weavings. Secondly, I had my younger boys make paper chains inspired by the Olympics (our theme this summer). They really ran with that idea and made "swag money chains," Thanos gauntlets, Spider-man gloves, etc. Thirdly, I split my older boys into teams and handed them each a pile of unwanted artwork. They had 45 minutes to make something new out of it, and the team with the most creative final creation was awarded candy and prizes. A few staff members acted as judges and the boys got really into it. It was a great way to kill two birds with one stone (keeping kids entertained while recycling artwork) and I'll definitely do this again.

You can read more about my summer curriculum for The Boys' Club here:

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