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Teaching | Stamping Inspired by David Hammons

In the first week of my Olympics-themed art curriculum for The Boys' Club of New York, boys learned two printmaking techniques (rubbings and stamping) inspired by the artists Do Ho Suh and David Hammons. For this project, we looked at Hammons' "Basketball Drawings," a series of large-scale drawings made by stamping charcoal onto paper with the surface of a basketball: Then, boys made their own stamping projects inspired by the artwork. The boys are divided into three groups, Explorers (elementary school), Juniors (middle school) and Teens (high school), so each project is scaled to their experience and abilities. For this project, elementary school kids used pre-made foam stamps, middle school kids used recycled objects (wood pieces, plastic forks, toilet paper rolls, etc.), and high schoolers made their own custom stamps by cutting styrofoam and gluing it onto a cardboard backing. If a child wanted to repeat the activity, I let them try a more advanced project, so that's why you'll see some tiny hands with custom stamps. Here are some of their results!

You can read more about my curriculum for BCNY here:

This one was titled "Seashells by the Sea Shore." This boy was really considerate with this painting and kept returning to it throughout the session.

The middle school boys had a lot of fun with the recycled object stamps. Everything they made was effortlessly gorgeous.

This boy titled the above stamping "Midnight Sky."

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