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In this lesson, I taught my remote students at The Saturday Program a technique that would allow them to make monoprints using the limited tools that we had (in this case: tracing paper, drawing paper, pencils, oil pastels and glue sticks). First, we used the tracing paper as our drawing surface, making designs in pencil and oil pastel. Then, we "transferred" our designs onto drawing paper by placing the tracing paper on the drawing paper (drawing side down), then rubbing the back side of the tracing paper with the hard edge of our glue sticks. Essentially, this stuck our drawings to the drawing paper instead of the tracing paper, giving us a mirrored image of our original drawings with more of a textural variety. (If you've ever written something on your hand and accidentally transferred it to another surface, this is a similar process.)

You can read more about my work for The Saturday Program here:

My high school students had a lot of fun with this technique and made some beautiful results, which can be seen below! All student work is kept anonymous to protect their privacy.

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